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We work with amazing people and projects throughout the year, here are some of the best articles, event listings and links to the amazing artists and creative geniuses in our industry.

Different but the same - Rosana Cade

Having seen and taken part in Rosana Cade's Walking: Holding at The National Theatre on the Southbank this summer she definitely deserves some respect and admiration.

You can read all about it here

The show has been running for a few years now and is a beautifully simple and individual concept. You walk with a selection of people, hand in hand, around a pre-set, urban route. These people are all from the communties local to the peformance space, Each person, in some way represents a very distinct demographic or type, for want of a better word. One was a homosexual man, one a 'vulnerable' women, one was a transvestite, one a middle aged female activist, one autisitc and one self identified as gender fluid. The simple act of walking with them and sharing the intimacy of holding hands (I ended up standing in the middle of Waterloo station holding hands with a 6'2" transvestite) opened a floodgate of questions and thoughts. How am I now percevied? Do I feel comfortable? Do I judge this person? Do I care about being judged etc.... etc... And yet all that passed between you and the 'holder' was conversation. No script. Just you, them and a public space. A simple and incisive de-construction of society's reaction to difference. All invovling community performers.

Thank you Rosana.

And everyone look out for her and her partner's festival, ||BUZZCUT|| in Glasgow.


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