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We work with amazing people and projects throughout the year, here are some of the best articles, event listings and links to the amazing artists and creative geniuses in our industry.

From the frontline

Shane Davey is a fantastic film director and writer (you can see his work at We were lucky enough to have him come and work with us on HollerBox. After the experience we asked him to say a few words about it his time and this is what he came up with:

''I worked with the guys at The Working Party on their HollerBox project and it was a great experience. The team were professional, bringing lots of creative experience to the table, but also totally fluid in their approach to the work - and that’s a key skill when dealing with non-professionals. 

I was especially impressed with TWP’s ability to cross all social classes, age groups and ethnicities - I attribute this to them genuinely believing in what they are doing and that conviction is really infectious. It was a great working experience and one I hope to repeat again soon.’

Nice guy that Shane.


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